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Ms. Sokoloski       


Phone: 734.362.2158

Off period: 4th

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!


What do I need?    

  • Realidades B textbook
  • Spiral notebookand binder just for Spanish
  • 5 subjectdividers—(you can purchase these from me for $1)
  • Apr. 300 Flashcards



  • Please bring inone of the following:
  • Tissue box, dryerase markers, small Ziploc bags or hand sanitizer


What will we do?   

  • Review what youlearned in Spanish from last year
  • Cover chapters5a, 5b, 6a and 6b
  • Participate andtalk daily in Spanish to me and your peers
  • Watch avideomisterio and sing in Spanish                                   
  • Learn about theculture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries 


What about grades?

Grades are determined by points using the followingscale:

                                                89.5% A-                    69.5% C-

                                                79.5% B-                    59.5% D-


You grade is made up of these categories:


Participation—Weekly grades that include volunteering, coming tothe board, speaking in Spanish, being seated at the bell, and having classmaterials.


Homework—Is given 1-2 times a week in addition to my strong recommendationof practicing flashcards each day.  Doyour homework before class; if youare working on homework in class on the day it is due, you will not beeligible for full credit.  Mosthomework can be turned in late for half credit.


Quizzes and projects—These are announced well in advance so you canprepare. If you are absent the day before a test, you still need to take it onthe scheduled day.


*Quizzes can be retaken andprojects can be revised for a higher grade!!  They must be completed within one week of thereturned assignment.  Please takeadvantage of this great opportunity J


What are the class rules?           

1. Be respectfuland kind to others, the teacher, andclass materials.

2. Be seated at the bell with materials.

3.Only one person talks at a time.

4.Only water is allowed in class—no food, gum, or colored drinks.


What are the consequences for misbehavior?

Cell phones / ipods / electronicdevices—though allowed in thehallways, these items should be silenced and out of sight while inSpanish class.  If an electronic deviceis out in class or makes a noise, I will send it to the office for pick up onlyby a parent or guardian. 


Tardiness—if you are not seated at the bell, I will mark youtardy.  With each tardy, your parent orguardian is notified by an automated phone call.  After the third tardy, a lunch detention isissued. 


Pleasesee the student handbook for more detail on these school policies.


What if I’m absent?

If you are absent, get notes/warm-ups from a friendand pick up materials   from the absentbin in the classroom.  Also check my teacher Web page for updates.


What if you are absent?

Studentsshould respectfully follow directions from a substitute.  The guideline for resolving misbehavior is asfollows: 1st time—Warning, 2nd time—Reflection, 3rdtime—Detention, 4th time--Office Referral. 



A few final thoughts

                        The question is not “how smart areyou?” but rather “how are you smart?”


                        Lifeis 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it.


                        Youget out of an experience what you put into it.




I___________________________(student name) have read and understand that I have the opportunity to raise mygrade by retaking quizzes within one week.  I will also have my electronic devices silentand away, and I will come to class with a positive attitude ready to learnSpanish.